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Dear MeDear Me, 
Right about now, you, my 13-year old self, is most likely sobbing in a corner at school. Again. Because the mean kids in class wouldn't stop bullying you again, because the mean kids won't accept you for who you are. Or maybe right now you are talking really bad behind a friends back so you can come across as "cool" and score some "cool-points" with the same mean kids that will bully you just the same tomorrow. I know it seems endless, and maybe it is. But I also know this; you will get through this. And you can get through this. Trust me, I know. 
The best thing you can do right now is to just stop sobbing, hold your head up high and face the world, even if that world doesn't want to face you. Don't go buying that dumb, expensive t-shirt that all the popular kids have, and most importantly: don't try to be something, or someone, you're not. Because I know now that you are not like them. You are not mean. You do not "hate" people
Let Golet go of all the times we smiled
let go of all the times we cried
let go
of all the memories
we created together
and just
move on
...and break my heart...

untitledFear the lust of
a passionate heart
it might catch you
and run with you,
The metal gently
kisses the skin
covering her wrist
in blood
in front of her eyes
deep into the night
she will find her peace
in death.
DearestThe big puffy clouds
            in a deep blue sky
will always serve
            as a reminder
A reminder of our days
                before the clouds
                                        found you.
They found you 
                    adopted you
                                                                    as one of their own...
A Touch of Madnessthey say a touch of madness
glimmers there behind her eyes,
          sparking storms that sing with light
                                  and haunting lullabies
They say a touch of madness,

is inside all of of us
speaking words we never would,
waiting, at the windowsill. 
It glimmers there behind her eyes,
waiting, longing
for the day of darkness,
it finally gets to be free.
Sparking storms that sing with light,
rolling thunder and flashing
lightning on the inside
of her mind.
Haunting lullabies
are softly singing
the never-spoken words
of madness
You were the sunSnow, white and pure, leading me closer to the fabric of my dreams. I was the moon, and you, you were the golden sun. Your voice is ripping through the silence of my days, lingering inside my own thoughts. Lingering, lingering, my dreams are nothing more than a speck of dust in my existence. Clouds are stuffed in my lungs making it harder and harder to breathe, but the little girl looking at the big red balloon is what keeps me ashore. Inside the balloon awaits her dream, a dream that once was mine to dream. 
Push me forward with my head through the clouds and help me fly, for I can not do it on my own. Help me fly so I can learn how to stand on my own feet and maybe, maybe I can stop tripping over the words I'll never speak. But don't hold me down under the water where I can not breath, don't hold me down for it puts my lungs on fire and brings my eyes to tears. 
Voices are calling me, silently, gently laying me to rest, paint
Every DayOh darling, just take it slow, for you know- the wind will always be there to move your hair.
You came through my life like a hurricane in red- and even though I promised myself long ago not to write about you, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by memories of our days together, our days in the sun. I remember how we wished those days would never end, how we wished we’d be together forever. How we wished, oh, how we wished..
You promised.
You would never let me break, you would never leave me alone. You would always be here, with me. You promised… and you left.
You left.
You left me alone with all my fears, to battle them on my own and eventually- I gave up. I gave up, because I didn’t have you. I gave up, because you were gone. And no, I am not trying to make you feel guilty- I’m just telling you how I feel.
Oh darling- it’s been so long since I’ve seen you and there are no words to describe how much I miss you. How much I miss our
It's okaylie to me
and tell me i'm wrong
tell me i'm wrong to get in
to the water
gleaming eyes
are fixed upon their reflections
lie to me
and tell me it's not worth it
tell me
i can do better than this
lie to me
and tell me it's okay
to be broken
tell me the bones
will heal
one day
lie to me
and tell me
that i am not falling
like a shooting star
in the night sky
lie to me
and tell me
that you will catch me
before i hit the ground





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A song that means so much to me Heart 
SolidMars can't help but confuse Holland and Denmark, it's hilarious everytime :lmao:

[20:51:14] Julian: Lol
[20:51:17] Julian: Welp
[20:51:27] Julian: They both have cows
[20:51:34] Julian: And airmills
[20:51:37] Yuukon: And bicycles!
[20:51:41] Julian: Windmills wtf
[20:51:46] Yuukon: AIRMILLS
[20:51:48] Julian: Airmills
Today is my 9th DA-Birthday! Awkward emoticon danceHappy dance
It seems absolutely crazy I've been on DA for this long already, as it doesn't feel like it! Thank you all so much for being here for me all this time! :love: 
I have met some of the most amazing people during my time here so far, and I am hoping for many, many more years and many more amazing people! :shuffelin:  
Photographers! TanyaSimoneSimpson has this poll going, looking for YOUR opinions! Go on and head over, read the first comment posted on it and blast your ideas and thoughts!

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Happy Valentines Day! 

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