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Colour Me Critters Vol. 2: Pink

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 21, 2018, 3:00 AM

This feature is part of 

Bioluminescence II by robrey
Pretty in Pink by Miguel-Santos
Pink Unircorn by Bakura240
Sea Turtle Gemstone Pendant by bluediscord
Pink honey by DancingQuill
Salmon Pink by LashelleValentine
Birdo study by grimcatt
Pink Bunny by roaring-rabbit
Pink Bubbles by Earthsong9405
Pretty in pink, sure, but isn't this too much? by RavenMontoya
I live in a pink pink world by Allerlei
Pink Pelican by Aenea-Jones
Aqualopes/Second couple by Aotar

The next colour will be Bullet; Red Bullet; Red RED Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 
Got suggestions? Share them below!
PS: Please share from your favourites instead of your own gallery!

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 79

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 19, 2018, 3:00 AM

Gon by tamomoko
IT - Pennywise by p1xer
Grace, charm, beauty in the light spot by GLO-HE
flame by dead-robot
A Moment of Rest by lonefirewarrior
The sand and the sea by Greyguardian
B. by bielebny
Small portrait practice  PA by SILENTJUSTICE
Silenced by NophieB
-- Smoke deer -- by 0l-Fox-l0
Ahiru - Princess Tutu by Ailinn-Lein
barren as death by Inextremiss

Feature-Fest Vol. 121: Fashion

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 15, 2018, 3:00 AM

The Black Pearl by waiting4cadence
Vitkov III by luciekout
Beyond this delicate bone structure by JenovaxLilith
Coffee Break by mrxthanh
Blue Lily Lily Blue by bwaworga
Started With a Word by Queen-Kitty
the wonderland by deer-o
Pastel blue by thefirebomb
Bohemian Dreams II by Mrs-Durden
portrait of Miss Strange by snottling1
Magic by thefirebomb
In the frozen lands... by EL-LY

Artists of Land- and Waterscapes: Streamweb

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 13, 2018, 3:00 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

Hey everybody!

It's a new year, February is nearly over, but that doesn't stop me! As we say in Dutch, I put on my "naughty" shoes and sent out a note to streamweb for an interview. I got lucky, because he agreed! Below we will talk about photography, focused on land- and waterscapes, show off some of his awesome work, and he shares some valuable tips with us! 

Enjoy the interview!

Between the rain by streamweb

Can you tell us a little about yourself, who are you?

My name is Fredrik Strømme. I`m 38 and live in Trondheim, Norway.
I have been a photographer for the last 6-7 years.
But I have had an interest in photos and art from the age of 16, when I had my first encounter with Photoshop.
For many years I made photomanipulations from stock photos I found or bought on the net. But since it was stock photos, and even though I made completely new images out of them, it still didn`t feel like mine.
That is when I bought my first DSLR camera so I instead could take my own photos, which then lead to my interest in nature and landscape photography.

Winter Stillness by streamweb Winter sunset by streamweb

What attracts you to APN photography, and photography in general?

Photography is great in so many ways and for me it is also a recreation from the everyday life.
You obviously get alot of fresh air and I get to witness so many beautiful things the nature has to offer which I wouldn`t have seen if it was not for my photography interest. Scouting for good motives is like a treasurehunt.
I also really like the postprocessing and then at the end share my photos for others to see, and hopefully brighten their day with some beautiful nature.

Autumn wonderland by streamweb Last tree standing by streamweb

What do you find the most challenging when shooting water- and landscapes?

The most challenging part about water and landscape photography is the weather conditions.
To get some stunning photos you also need stunning scenery, and I often find really good motives, but where for example the sky is really flat and boring. It is difficult to match a great foreground with a great background.
So I always try to plan ahead by looking at the weather report and also reports on the tides. I prefer taking my waterscape photos when there is a flow, and if there is a sunset around the same time I bring my camera and go out to look for motives.
I also use a tool called The Photographer's Ephemeris so I can see when and where the sun will set or rise, so I know where to set up my camera when I get to the location.

Chasing the sun by streamweb The Island by streamweb

What kind of gear and/or software do you use?

I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with mostly a Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 lense.
A Manfrotto tripod which has pretty low weight so it`s easy to go hiking with and also ND lenses from Nisi for longer exposures.
I process my photos first in Lightroom, then lastly in Photoshop for the details.

Divine intervention by streamweb Lighting up the sky by streamweb

How do you improve your skills as a photographer?

In photography I am self-taught. So I have seen and bought many tutorials both on photograpy and on postprocessing. And I still do from time to time, there is always new things to learn.
I also use Deviantart, Instagram and other photosites to look at as many good photos as I can, to get inspiration and exciting angels.
Some of those pages also show the camera settings used for the photos and I find that really educational.

A sheep's life by streamweb Rocky sunset by streamweb

What is your favourite kind of water- or landscape to work with?

My favorite water and landscape photography usually happends in the afternoon or evening, when it is not too bright. Either during or just after sunset or just after some heavy rain. The light and sky after the rain can sometimes be beautiful.
And if I can combine that with some fairytale forest, spectacular mountains or a waterfall, then I`m satisfied.

The sky is burning by streamweb Midnight in the North by streamweb

Is there something you wish you'd known sooner?

I wish I knew sooner how much fun it is to take photos. As I mentioned earlier I worked with stock photos for many years, so I should have taken the step into photography earlier and started working with my own photos.

Heavenly cold by streamweb Storm is coming by streamweb

Do you have any tips for people who want to learn how to shoot water- or landscapes?

There are a lot of great and also free tutorials on the net where you can start if you are a beginner.
Invest in a steady tripod and ND filters. I find that waterscape photography looks better with longer exposure and you can`t do that without a tripod or filters, and also you will get more details on the foliage on the landscape with long exposure.
Always take photos in RAW and if you take photos during sunset or sunrise, use HDR if your camera has the option.
That way you will get more control on the highlights, shadows and the midtones.
If you are new to the postprocessing start with Lightroom, you can do a lot there and the RAW interface there is a bit easier to understand. Then when you get more experienced take it into Photoshop for the details.
A couple of things I always do in Lightroom is increase the contrast and make a S shape in the tonal curve, which will bump the details on the photo. Also check the remove chromatic abberation, so you avoid those green / purple`ish strokes you might get around mountains, trees etc.
Don`t overdo the postprocessing, but try to remember what it looked like with your own eyes when you shot the photo. Make it beautiful, but natural.
Also download the Nik collection. This is an amazing and free tool that will help taking the photos to the next level.

Don't forget to check out streamweb's gallery for more of his beautiful photographs!

Reine, Lofoten by streamweb  Midnightsun colors by streamweb  Ice and fire by streamweb
Winter sunset by streamweb  The Island by streamweb  Shapes in the snow by streamweb
Winter color palette by streamweb  Uttakleiv beach by streamweb  Winter simplicity by streamweb

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 78

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 12, 2018, 3:00 AM

My time is precious ? by VanessaPadua
Belted Hands by sandas04
Spying on the winter by streamweb
Bag End by lunatteo
Boba Fett by tomasoleksak
Johnny by Davi-Go
Model: Rufina Bregman by AlexKPhoto
Sleeplessness is a Blessing by WatchTheSkies45
Cherprang BNK48 by Krisedge
Morning Blaze II by jxsnyder
geisha by karen-abramyan
double by derekjones

Feature-Fest Vol. 120: Horror and Macabre

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 8, 2018, 3:00 AM

Deck the Halls with Bowels of Holly! by BaptismOnFire
HELP by Hekkoto
Irremediable Dreamer by NataliaDrepina
Upon A Far-Off Sea by Inextremiss
7588f3d8df5297701415c1c82f1a39c6--dark-photography by infernoshadowhunter
All I ever got by KatiUnique
unkenntlich gemacht by theycallmeUgly
Parasitism by MariaPetrova
Psychosis by MariaPetrova
BeautyQueen by Glenofobia
La espera by FlaviaMabras
Human Skull Staff catacomb culture  by catacombculture

Back at the beginning of the month, we announced the start of our Comment Month for February. We received a good few submissions in our folders here and here, so, for the rest of this month, it's time to get commenting! :eager: by darkmoon3636

7th - 31st February: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.

1st - 7th March: Comment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature. More information on the day.

Please note:

Bullet; Green The aim is to comment as constructively as possible. To really make this a successful month, we encourage you to think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of one word comments or one sentence comments.

Bullet; Green Once you have commented on the piece itself, copy the link to that piece and paste it in a reply to this blog.

Bullet; Green You are free to comment on however many pieces you want!

Bullet; Green If you would like to comment on a lot of deviations, then please put all links together in just one reply.

Bullet; Green If you have a question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Submitted photographs:

For quick and easy access, here are the photographs that were submitted to our folders:

Blue by Focus-On-Me-Photo  Yellow Mongoose by shadowheart124  Confidence by Daemare  This is My Good Side... by Jack-13
make/ break by alteraltery  Blue Flowers by LicamtaPictures  Aeshna Viridis - 35mm Macro by VisualStripes  Whiskers by ellthalion
A Sailor's Horizon by NeraGozalo  The Rooftop Perch by The1000Suns  t o u c h e d by KizukiTamura  Stockholm night mode by silentmemoria

Sleepless Night by bdrc  Abandoned power station, Blyvoor by DavidR1958  The Cold Arms by maciek04  Contemplative by D-T-E
Takachiho Gorge by Furuhashi335  Bumbling Around The Thistles by Rice3  Tree in the square by veryfuri  Mimus gilvus by RyztalFernandez
30 Day Thirty: Cold night and a good book by bmeisenzahl73

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager: by darkmoon3636

January Round-Up

December was our fifty-third Comment Month at CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide  and it went splendidly well! As always, our photographers received many awesome comments from other photographers, united by a common cause! We would not have done it without these guys, so please give some love to our commenters!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Comment Month: January! We have already started our Comment Month: February, so please feel free to comment, comment, comment and spread some love around! Love

Colour Me Critters Vol. 01: Lights

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 7, 2018, 3:00 AM

This feature is a part of

Ural owl by chriskaula
White Beauty by Wolfskuss
20180113dsc06541 1 by ltiana355
zzzzzzzzzz by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Soldier. by SamanthaDawn1
Winter is coming by Wolka-Art
Grumpy krissy by Chickenbusiness
Unseen beauty by Alaiaorax
Custom Sphynx Urn by LimitlessEndeavours
Rabbit by LittleSnaketail
Cold Comfort by Hbruton
From The Mist by New-Creations-21

The next colour will be Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink PINKBullet; Pink Bullet; Pink 
Got suggestions? Share them below!

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 77

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 5, 2018, 3:00 AM

Black by burningmonk
Patrol by wacalac
Untitled by xbastex
W-out ' WepmawrapS ' by W-out
Winter by amrodel
Cigar And Spirits by Catlaxy
Satan2-3 by Hachimitsubani
Colorful Autumn Moment by valiunic
Dizzy Hearts: Queen Llend's Ballroom by ExitMothership
Sci-fi horror environment concept by UnccleUlty
Over the Hills and Far Away by XHeather-AnnX

PhotographyGuide is on Discord!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 4, 2018, 10:42 AM

Hello everybody!

Recently, we have ventured into a new chapter for our group by creating a Discord server. Discord is the place where many DA groups have moved to for chatting and fun, and we have decided to follow suit.

The Discord server is set up as a place for both photographers ánd crafters to hang out, talk, and of course give and receive feedback. We invite you all to join! If you want to have more casual and more direct way to discuss your photos with our team and with other members, this is the place for you!

Want to join? Click on the image below!

We hope to see you there!

PS: You don't need to be a member of PhotographyGuide to join our server! Everybody is welcome!

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Yuukon's Feature Log 2018

Thu Feb 1, 2018, 10:31 AM by Yuukon:iconyuukon:

Comment Month: February

Thu Feb 1, 2018, 5:05 AM
Alongside our Monthly Photography Critique Thread, we are hosting a Comment Month this February!

Every single one of us deserves at least one insightful comment on our deviations. We have all needed to start somewhere and some just need that extra boost to really get going.

Our timeline is as follows:

1st – 7th February: Members of CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide can suggest one deviation for a chance to receive some comments. This is a chance for any underappreciated artist to get the comments they deserve.

7th - 28th February: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.

1st - 7th March: Comment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature. More information on the day.

Please note:

Bullet; Green Submission is only open to members of CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide, though anyone can give a constructive comment.

Bullet; Green If you are a member of both CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide, please note you can only submit one photograph, and it has to be your own work.

Bullet; Green To really make this a successful month, we encourage you to think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of one word comments or one sentence comments.

Bullet; Green We will keep you up to date with what’s happening, so don’t worry if you’re confused about future events. All will be explained.

Bullet; Green If you have a question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Submissions Open Now!

Starting from today, submissions will be accepted for Comment Month in this folder for CRPhotography members and in this folder for PhotographyGuide members.

Can’t Wait?

Those who cannot wait until the 7th of February to comment can comment on the deviations submitted right now! Just keep a list of the deviations you’ve commented on in link form in a word document somewhere ready for when commenting officially starts!

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager: by darkmoon3636

Feature-Fest Vol. 119: Conceptual

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 1, 2018, 3:00 AM

Fluchtgedanken by Woman-of-DarkDesires
Winter silenced the birds by NataliaDrepina
Your Silence by Mrs-White
Our Cracked Planet by SenhArt
Starlight book by dinabelenko
Truth Burns by alperyesiltas
Aleph by artigianodellaluce
Dichotomy by JenovaxLilith
Dissiper by MD-Arts
Twinkle Lights by DollyPrincess
2018 by Mars-Hill
Considerez Calmement L'hypothese De La Fin by siamesesam

Ten Years

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 29, 2018, 7:00 AM

Today marks the day I am on DeviantArt for ten whole years. A lot has happened in those ten years... Pack your bags and let me take you on a little journey!
Happy Run Away - NaNo7 
Ten years ago, I already had an account here. For about four years, at that point. So technically, it's been 14 years since I first joined DA. DA was only three years old then, and much like I was back then, a little kid. I remember when I first tried to sign up, I couldn't, because I wasn't old enough. I wasn't yet thirteen, so I made myself thirteen and entered an older birthday. (don't worry, my current birthday is the true one :giggle:) I was that excited to get on here, look at art, and most of all: learn English. 

At that point, I didn't do a lot of art. I sketched a little, doodled a bit, but it was beyond me how people got their stuff on their DeviantArt pages. I thought you maybe had to get some special request from the staff to get permission to put it up :lmao: I still remember this well, and boy, was I naive! Thankfully, by now I have figured out how to put my art up... Imagine if I hadn't! 

Either way, after a while I did figure it out. But I had a lot of bumps down the road. I didn't understand how things worked around here, nor did I speak English very well, let alone read or write it. So with my dictionary as my weapon I started reading literature on here. I was determined to learn and understand English. I figured, the rest will come later. And it did. By the time I created this account, I was writing my own English literature. Some poems, a bit of prose. Looking back at it now, the grammar makes me cringe. But it is good to see the enormous progress I have made since then, since 2008. 
I remember when I wanted to start putting my photography up... but all I had was my analogue camera, I had no digital camera, nor a scanner. Nowadays, when you get a film developed, you'll get a CD with digital copies of your photographs. Back then, you wouldn't. Most of the time I couldn't even afford to get my negatives developed, so I made do with my grandfathers darkroom, and developed my own photographs. 

It must've been 2011 I got my very first, and my very own, digital camera. I had borrowed other peoples camera's at that point, but that just didn't measure up to the joy of having my own. I went to photography school then, and very soon I learned I was the only one working with film. One of the requirements of the school was to have a digital camera. I ended up reconsidering that study, though. I decided to take a different route, onto teaching, but to continue with photography. 

Then I disappeared off DA for a while. A year, maybe two, I barely checked in. I am not sure what happened there, but it did. Something did bring me back in the end, and I guess that is all that matters.

Ever since my return, I have met amazing people. I have made a ton of awesome friends. I have gotten the chance to provide others with help, teach them, and help them improve. I found out about features, about the DA chat network, and groups. I created my own group after helping out in several others. And through that, I have met even more amazing people. I am proud to say that I met some of my best friends right here, on DA. And today, I am still very happy I have come back. DA is my home on the internet. It's the place I go to when things look down, but it is also the place I go to when things look up. I love sharing my work with the world, and I love reading all these sweet and kind messages you all have sent me, and are still sending me. I love talking to you guys, and even in times when I am not online as much, remember, I am always around. If you need me, I am just a note away, because I know, when I need you, you are just a note away.
And to that, I will toast. To another ten years!

Cheers fella (party)  

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 76

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 29, 2018, 3:00 AM

castle sketch by Kalberoos
Greetings from Helgoland by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Rise of the king by panjoool
Your Loudest Sound Is Change by MissSouls
God's Land by HazPainting
Hopeless Dreamer by NataliaDrepina
Commission: Christmas by MyzuCass
Ulises and the Sirens by TomasProchazka
Touch by Wolfskuss
P236 by HrvojeBeslic
MEELTRAELTH silver, green amethyst, prehnite by LUNARIEEN
Wald #124 by HeikoGerlicher

Feature-Fest Vol. 118: Cosplay

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 25, 2018, 3:00 AM

Star Wars Legacy - Darth Talon cosplay by Disharmonica
Zatanna by Kamiko-Zero
SINoALICE: SnowWhite by KiraHokuten
Velma : Ghosts by ShaeUnderscore
vouNjuxKFxU by elenasamko
Ready for it? by RizzyOkuni
The Witcher 3 Shani cosplay (frame 2) by Lyumos
The Witcher - Cirilla by ver1sa
Himouto! Umaru-chan by MaySakaali
Christmas Cammy - Kaze III by MeganCoffey

Photography 101: Chapter 07: Categorising Photos: Part 02

Hi all! Yuukon here with a new chapter of Photography 101!

If you are new to Photography 101, please check out the previous chapters first:

Photography 101: Chapter 01: Basics - Looking
Photography 101: Chapter 02: Composition-Location
Photography 101: Chapter 03: Lighting
Photography 101: Chapter 04: Light sources and WB
Photography 101: Chapter 05: RAW and Basic Editing
Photography 101: Chapter 06: Gear
Photography 101: Chapter 07: Categorising Photos: Part 01
Photography 101: Chapter 07: Categorising Photos: Part 02

Please note: This is part two of the guide. You can find part one here.

In part one of this guide, we discussed the following categories:


"Photographs of subjects that are magnified to a size equal to or larger than the actual size in reality."

JustACapharnaum, who is currently the CV of the category said: "Macro photography isn't a magnification but a true representation of a subject in its actual size. To make it simple, it is about photographing objects that are very close to the lens, sensor or film. It is a method that allows the viewer to see all their details"

  • Human
    "Photographs that capture features of a human being on a macro level, for example, a single human eye, lips, etc."

    Snow Kingdom by naked-in-the-rain  Eclipse Of My heart by I-Heart-Photo  Jack Frost by naked-in-the-rain

  • Nature
    "Photographs that capture nature on a macro level, as depicted in water droplets or insects."

    The Winter Dream by nnIKOO  Morning of September by dralik  Don't leave me alone !!! by kimerajam

  • Objects
    "Photographs that capture objects on a macro level, where objects are typically small and inanimate."

        glittery . . ... by light-from-Emirates  Let it Rain by Healzo  Coffee with milk by Stridsberg

Did you find a photograph in the Macro category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to JustACapharnaum!


                This category holds any and all photographs which do not fit any of the other categories.

       Hi by EliseEnchanted  Music by DrBunsenHoneydew  Balloon Pop 2000fps by KellyJane

                    Exclamation Point Before submitting to the "other" category, please make sure your photo really does                         not fit anything else. This is the place to go when there is "nowhere else to go to".

Did you find a photograph in the Other category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to Mrs-Durden or overdebated!

People & Portraits

"The people and portrait galleries are home to an array of photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists and retouchers with incredible style, talent and creativity. These galleries are where all your photos featuring a person or people belong. Capturing people is exciting because there is such a variety of ways to do it and so many ways of experimenting. Within these galleries you will find photographs with incredible concepts, strong emotions, clever setups, flawless retouching, raw feelings, beautiful simplicity, great timing, extensive styling, elaborate backdrops, and the list goes on. From a simple classic portrait of a freckled girl, to an elaborate nude that will make you reflect on society's standards of beauty, to a fashion portrait that will wow you with its use of colour and stellar composition, to a cosplay portrait that will stun you with its accuracy. You will never leave the people and portrait galleries without having found at least one image that stuck with you." - Mrs-Durden 

  • Artistic Nude
    "High quality fine art photography that makes use of a nude or partially nude human subject."

    Rouge by armene 

    Mature Content

    Water fairy by alexiuss

    Mature Content

    Lactose by Meluxine

    Please note: Pornographic images are not suitable for this category, however, eroticism can be a part of artistic nude photography. 

  • Body Art
    "Photographs of human subjects with artistically arranged temporary or permanent cosmetic decorative elements such as tattoos, body paint and rhinestones."

    Katrina3 by Elisanth  Cyberpunk vs. Steampunk by Behindmyblueeyes  kristy by tauart 

  • Classic Portraits
    "Photographs of people in traditional pose, often formal, refined and restrained in style. A plain and simple background is a popular feature of Classic Portraiture."

    she's on fire by gacher  Hindsight by JaimeIbarra  Svenja IV by Hart-Worx

  • Cosplay
    "Cosplay, (and often Artisan Crafts > Costumery) is the construction and modelling of popular (or original) characters from books, movies, shows and other sources of fiction, or even history. The cosplay gallery is a place to show off creations and showcase them for everybody to see!
    From Wikipedia: "Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction of the words costume play, is a hobby in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character." - pullingcandy 

    An Elven Fairy's Backyard by BlackMageAlodia  TZP: Returning to Lon Lon Ranch by Adella  Love is war - Hatsune Miku by kirawinter

  • Emotive Portraits
    "Photographs of people showing an artistic insight into either the subject's or the photographer's life and personality."

    Snowfall by MariannaInsomnia  trauma. by cristina-otero  Blind by slumberdoll 

  • Expressive
    "Expressive photographs that use the human form or face to communicate an idea, emotion or concept."

    Ablutophobia by CaitlinWorthington  Behind Your Illusion ll by littlemewhatever  Redemption by zemotion

  • Fashion Portraits
    "Fashion portraits are about capturing clothing or accessories on the human form in an atmospheric, editorial manner. To me, editorial means telling a story or capturing a feeling or character. I also include "beauty shots," which are meant to specifically show off makeup looks in this same manner. These are the kinds of photographs you would see in a magazine fashion editorial or often in a high-end fashion advertisement."- Queen-Kitty 

    Loneliness by Lyumos  into something beautiful by SabrinaCichy  Steampunk by MariannaInsomnia

  • Fetish Portraits
    "Artistic photographic portraiture centered around a theme of sexual desire and sexuality as well as alternative lifestyles."

  • Glamour Portraits
    "Portrait Photography that depicts the model in a sensuous or romantic manner. The lighting, makeup and styling is designed to show the model in the most attractive way. The intent of this style is to titillate and ranges in direction and execution from soft, boudoir-type imagery to the more scandalous."

    Behind the Mask by zemotion  Sleep walking.. by SachaKalis  oui, my love... by TrixyPixie

  • Infants and Children
    "People or portraiture photography that depicts infants and children as its primary focus."

    Baby Rock by SAMLIM  winter's fairytale by karinephoto  Playground Punk by girltripped

  • Other
    This category holds any and all People and Portraits photographs which do not fit any of the other categories.

    after it rains by Zaratops  free by suzi9mm  *** by Nightmare-v
    Exclamation Point Before submitting to the "other" category, please make sure your photo really does not fit anything else. This is the place to go when there is "nowhere else to go to".

  • Pin-Up
    "Portrait photography which focuses on clothing, makeup, posing and styling. Traditionally, this genre reflects the early half of the twentieth century, most notably notably the 1930s, '40s and '50s."

        Back on Track by MariannaInsomnia  Shooting Steampunk by myoppa-creation  Sexy Star Wars: Vintage Artoo by JoeyDeMarco

  • Self-Portraits
    "The only difference between self-portraiture and portraits of other people as artistic genres is that in self-portraiture, the photographer is also the subject of the photograph. This presents its own set of challenges for photographers to overcome as they create expressive, artistic images." - TanyaSimoneSimpson 
    mandarina. by cristina-otero  :: prince by hakueizm  Crossing by DallasHarder

  • Spontaneous Portraits
    "People or portraiture photography that is spontaneous, unexpected, and not posed, demonstrating an artful rendering of a well captured moment."
    1000Dorians by fogke  Faces of Harajuku 1 by LShadowstar  Untitled. by kittynn

  • Weddings
    "Photographs capturing people and portrait style shots at Weddings."

      Light up my face by MariaForHisGlory   Nika by Crims0nPhotography  fairytale wedding by islandtime

Did you find a photograph in the People & Portraits category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation?
If you found it in Cosplay, send it to pullingcandy
In Fashion Photography, send it to Queen-Kitty!
Pin-Up or Glamour Portraits, send it to DistortedSmile!
For everything else, send it to Mrs-Durden or overdebated!


"Photojournalism is a form of journalism that uses photographs in order to tell a news story. These photographs should be both honest and impartial, telling the story in strictly journalistic terms."

  • Concerts & Musicians
    "Photographs documenting concerts, audience, and the life and careers of musicians and artists."

    Kiborg by BobRock99  Songwriter by vocalmatchcontest  HIM Farewell Live at Rock City Nottingham 15.12.17 by Harvy355

  • Documentary & Editorial
    "Photographs used to chronicle significant & historical events in a truthful and objective manner."

    Prague Wencelas Square No I by RaMiBru  Holi - Festival of Colors by ehabm  Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2014, Chiang Mai by josgoh

  • Military
    "Photographs of military personnel, equipment, or other related images that document the military in their activity."

    detonation by fly10  Freedom is Never Free by tanikel  The PassinG by MRBee30

  • Natural Events
    "Photographs covering natural events and/or the results of such occurrences."

    Fire Demon by PopeFucker  Fuego erupts in Guatemala by SantiBilly  7: Fire And Ice by FramedByNature

  • Other
    This category holds any and all Photojournalism photographs which do not fit any of the other categories.
    Casualty of War by gilad  homeless dog by cweeks  Hastings Pier on Fire by panduka56

    Exclamation Point Before submitting to the "other" category, please make sure your photo really does not fit anything else. This is the place to go when there is "nowhere else to go to".

  • People
    "Photographs documenting people in a newsworthy setting, where the focus is telling a story in strictly journalistic terms."

    Let's Play by JFCespedes  Polio-I by InayatShah  pacu jawi Payakumbuh by styvop

  • Performing Arts
    "Photographs documenting the forms of creative activity that are performed live, such as drama, music and dance."

      In Motion 20'58 by astrsk   Hugs And Kisses by thereisnoband  Lipizzaner Stallion by La-Vita-a-Bella

  • Places
    "Newsworthy photographs in which the location or setting is the main focus."

  • Political
    "Photographs depicting political events. Communicating some kind of political message, or depicting people trying to make a change."

    apec 4 - anarchy by bearscanbemean  CPRF meeting in Russia by RauchBleich  Streets Can Undo by DougNZ

  • Public Gatherings & Events
    "Photographs documenting public events (such as rallies, riots, marches, protests) in a newsworthy setting and in strictly journalistic terms."

    Festival Of Light by DrewHopper  Sinulog Festival by subcoolandice  Sea of Flags by MyLifeThroughTheLens

  • Sports
    "Photographs documenting sporting events, their locations, the equipment, or the athletes in the wide world of sports."

    Horse racing by ahmed-Alsheme  Border Rush by Exileden  splash by Utzel-Butzel

  • Weddings
    "Photographs documenting a wedding or the reception in strictly journalistic terms."
    . by mariusz1989  love me forever by greycamera  Phucphoto-26 by phucphoto

Did you find a photograph in the Photojournalism category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to Mrs-Durden or overdebated!

Still Life

"Studio-style photography featuring inanimate objects in an arrangement and compositional in design."

  • Cut Flower & Plant Arrangements
    "Photographs of cut flowers & plants individually or as part of arrangements, which are not to be confused with live plants."

    the Forest fashion by UgurDoyduk  Happy Everyday by arefin03  Zen Flowers. by OliviaMichalski

  • Dolls and Figures
    "Photographs of inanimate models and figurines, often small in size to be used as something to play with."

    Happy Moomin by RosaRubea  comic strip I by AzureFantoccini  Silent Night by Awesomealexis1

  • Food and Drink
    "Photographs of food items, drinks, and the objects usually associated with them in an arrangement."

    A Taste Of Christmas by Catlaxy  Scent of a Man 2 by AnnaZLove  Christmas tea by Daykiney

  • Other
    This category holds any and all Still Life photographs which do not fit any of the other categories.

    I love Christmas by Nikonfinest  Vivian by LisaAnn1968  The First... by LiaCam

    Exclamation PointBefore submitting to the "other" category, please make sure your photo really does not fit anything else. This is the place to go when there is "nowhere else to go to".

Did you find a photograph in the Still Life category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to Mrs-Durden or overdebated!


"Street Photography is about people in context, in candid, unposed, and unstaged situations in public places, with no or minimum post-processing."

I also talked to burningmonk, the CV of Street Photography. He told me the following: "Street Photography is the art of capturing fleeting moments that stand out in an otherwise mundane world—a keen eye for details and a great sense of timing are the street photographer's tools."

                                 Exclamation Point Please note: Street has no subcategories.

Yellow Line by burningmonk  prima della polvere by Batsceba  Street Life, Screen Life by tvurk
Did you find a photograph in the Street category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to burningmonk!


"Photographs of modes of transportation for people, animals and goods. This includes air, rail, road and space."

 Exclamation Point Please note: Transportation has no subcategories.

These machines live and breathe by LordLJCornellPhotos  Vespa by AljoschaThielen  Calm before a storm by vipmig

Did you find a photograph in the Transportation category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to Mrs-Durden or overdebated!

Urban & Rural

"Photographs of specific urban and rural areas, life in those areas, skylines and urban exploration."

  • City Life
    "City Life consists of photographs depicting urban and suburban scenes such as traffic, street life or the city in general. Photographs in this gallery show views of the city itself, or how people in the city live."
    Hong Kong Wan Chai market by romainjl  Cache cache ... by julie-rc  Winter in Helsinki by Pajunen

  • Cityscapes & Skylines
    "Photographs of skylines and (parts of) neighbourhoods, such as skylines, city blocks and aerial photos of urban areas."

    Hallstatt by LunaFeles  Good Morning, London. by geckokid  Midtown Manhattan by Matthias-Haker
  • Country Life
    "Photographs of the typical life on the countryside, including market stalls, farmers, rural business and everyday scenes typical to the area."

    Nature Painting by GregoriusSuhartoyo  snow is falling. by LunaFeles  Pe-o gura de rai by sagefille20

  • Gardens, Parks & Cemeteries
    "Photographs of public and private gardens, parks, cemeteries and memorial sites."

    Sleeping Garden by WojciechDziadosz  Amber Autumn by Oer-Wout  Walking Home from Hogwarts by rh89

  • Industrial
    "Photographs of industrial structures and areas such as power plants, industrial parks, and refineries."

    train depot by schnotte  Industrial Area by xrust  Tannery by fibreciment

  • Other
    This category holds any and all Urban & Rural photographs which do not fit any of the other categories.
    Sunrise Ahead by Miguel-Santos  Paris Merry-Go-Round by xMEGALOPOLISx  Autumn in me by Ani02

    Exclamation PointBefore submitting to the "other" category, please make sure your photo really does not fit anything else. This is the place to go when there is "nowhere else to go to".

  • Urbex
    "Urbex, short for urban exploration, involves places that are usually out of reach; places that are no longer in operation, wasted, ruined or abandoned."

    Silencium by Matthias-Haker  Angel's Wings by AbandonedZone  materials(update) by SoFantasia

Did you find a photograph in the Urban & Rural category that you think deserves a Daily Deviation? Send it as a suggestion to Mrs-Durden or overdebated!

That's all for this chapter! I hope you've found this useful, and that it maybe even shed some light on things. Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions! You are also welcome to contact us at CRPhotography for help and if you'd like some feedback on your work, feel free to contact and join PhotographyGuide

Remember that the CV's for each category will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Feedback Frenzy: An introduction

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 23, 2018, 3:00 AM

Hi Everybody! Shiny La 

We have recently started a new year, which means that it is time to get some new activities going in the group. This is why we have decided to team up with AnimalsPlantsNature for a brand-new monthly activity!

Now, we can imagine not all of you know about AnimalsPlantsNature and what the group is about. That is why we asked JenFruzz, the founder and current Animals, Plants and Nature CV to introduce the group to us, at PhotographyGuide:
AnimalsPlantsNature group is a home for all APN photographers on DeviantArt. Find great artwork, features, resources, and contests. Meet and engage fellow nature photographers. There were plenty of nature photography groups around when I decided to start up the AnimalsPlantsNature group. But I wanted to make my own space, starting fresh, to welcome nature photographers of all skill levels and talent. A group where actual content was being published each month, where we had contests and challenges that were not too lofty for beginners yet not too boring for professionals. Since the start I have had a fantastic, motivated team working with me to put great content out to the members. Each month we grow larger and more diverse and I couldn't be happier about it!
She also told us a little bit about the Feedback Frenzy and how it came to life:
The Feedback Frenzy idea came from a desire to see more people leaving substantial comments on others' photography. Sometimes all you need is a little incentive to share your thoughts with someone else. They have been a great and low-stress way to both ask for and give critique. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm very excited to now run this project through PhotographyGuide as well. I'm hoping that by doing so we can reach an even wider audience and have many more successful Frenzies in the future!
We hope you guys are all excited about us teaming up about reading this! By all means, do head over to AnimalsPlantsNature to become a member! JenFruzz, Yuukon  and the rest of the team will be very happy to welcome you there as well as here!

Let's move on to how the Feedback Frenzy is actually going to work:

Bullet; Red Everybody is allowed to submit one APN photograph into the Feedback Frenzy folder, which can be found here.
Bullet; Red The photograph you have submitted has to be from the Animals, Plants and Nature category: all other categories will be disqualified.  
Bullet; Red If you are sharing a photograph into the folder, you are agreeing with people writing critique about your work! It is important to be respectful of others opinions on your work. 

What else is important?
Thoughtful feedback. Your feedback should include what you like about the work, and it definitely has to include something you think the artist can improve on, in detail, regarding the piece you are commenting on.
For example:
Don't just say "this piece is great", but elaborate! Why is it a great piece? What could be done better? For instance, you could say: "I like this piece, the subject is clearly defined. However, I believe the focus could be better since the subject is blurry while the background is more focused"  
Keep in mind, rude comments will be disqualified.

 The Raffle!

There will also be a raffle during the Feedback Frenzy. That means you could win some fun prizes! Now, what can you win?
If there are fewer than 5 participants, one of you will be randomly picked to win a 3-month core membership.
If there are 5-10 participants, two winners will be randomly picked to win a 3-month core membership.
If there are more than 10 participants, three of you will be randomly picked to win a 3-month core membership.

How to enter the raffle:

Bullet; Yellow Feedback Frenzy Artwork is located here
Bullet; Yellow You must leave feedback in the comments of the actual deviation. You can earn one raffle entry per comment.
Bullet; Yellow You must link all of your comments in a comment on the Feedback Frenzy blog (which is not this one, but the one that will also be posted in AnimalsPlantsNature
Bullet; Yellow You can earn an unlimited amount of entries, so keep checking back throughout the month for new artwork to comment on!

We hope this journal has gotten you excited to join in on the AnimalsPlantsNature Feedback Frenzy! We're all very excited to pair the groups up for this, especially since there are so many nature photographers in our group as well! This is yet another chance for you to give and receive feedback. 

Questions? Ask them in the comments!

Trampoline fun 

Wishing you tons of fun participating,
The PhotographyGuide team
Yuukon, Akelamoonstone, Aleyd92, WillTC, MilenasLens 

And of course, JenFruzz and the AnimalsPlantsNature team!

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 75

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2018, 3:00 AM

Eskimo Pie by Wickard
Camaeril by ellrano
l a n t e r n by nicotakespics
[C] Trustfall by Faesu
Hunters by Kajenna
Tanuki and kitsune commission by Dunicakes
Don't be late by WatchTheSkies45

Proud crane by Berlin-Steglitz
Leah the Beagle II by BeckyKidus

Feature-Fest Vol. 117: Darkroom

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 18, 2018, 3:00 AM

City Depression by Iskaeldt
Half-past three.. by HalfFormedThoughts
sleep walking by deer-o
astral shower by seelengrau
v i v a by KizukiTamura
Watch out! / Achtung! Crash by CharlieWerwolf
What Used to be Home (317/365) by Tall-Tale-Memory
i ll u m i n a t e m y h e a r t m y d a r l i n g by ra-gro
''''',,, by Wilqkuku