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Feature-Fest Vol. 138: Cosplay

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2018, 3:00 AM

Shadow Evelynn - League of Legends by Kinpatsu-Cosplay
Mera by ItsKaylaErin
Tyrande - Warriors of the night! Assemble! by Narga-Lifestream
Tonto and Jack Sparrow by Ururuty
Just for science. Keira Metz cosplay 6 by Akarana
Nidalee Cosplay by KanashimiCosplay
Dark Magician Girl - Yu-gi-oh! by Kinpatsu-Cosplay
Love Live! - Magician Toujou Nozomi by Xeno-Photography
Nier Automata - 2B IV by Calssara
The Witcher - A Grain of Truth by MilliganVick
Study Hermione by Karenscarlet
Sato by MissSinisterCosplay

Colour Me Critters Vol. 10: Purple

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2018, 3:00 AM

This feature is part of 

A Dream by Batjan
March Watercolor 03: Intuition by SlytherclawPadawan
Magenta Moth and MagicalFlower by JaneEden
Leo, the shepherd mix by elektroyu
Kanzashi Sea Monster: Cranky Kraken by elblack
Crochet dragon by cristell15
Break Through by zagiir
Sienna by NapalmArsenal
you and me by corniger-aries
Blue/Purple Bismuth Dragon by HowManyDragons
Night Horse by FleetingEmber
Purple Glitter Dragon by Snowifer
creating a purple dress... by clochartist-photo

The next colour will be  Bullet; Black Bullet; Black SHADOWS Bullet; Black Bullet; Black   (dark colours)
Got suggestions? Share them below!
PS: Please share from other artists instead of your own gallery!

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 95

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2018, 3:00 AM

[C] .: Recovery :. by ancarie-bluewolf
Esk Lineart Commission - Inori - Night by Nainteins
Flowers and the sea by Bjorn3009
Northern Blue-Streak Nepturius by Ravenlog
Maibock by mescamesh
Shah Mosque 2 by CitizenFresh

Cathar Jedi Temple Guard by Entar0178
Is That A Friend Of Ours by Mouselemur
League of Legends | Star Guardian Janna | Cosplay by KsanaStankevich
Tree hugger by Lelpel
la promesse by baspunk

Feature-Fest Vol. 137: Horror and Macabre

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2018, 3:00 AM

Untitled by prettyspiders
Take A Break by MarieStars
Heartache by Pixelcoma
The Mire by Inextremiss
Exits VIII by myrkky
Minister of Omens by SpokeninRedAll monsters are human... by aValentine
~ PORTAL ~ by PhilipPace
Happy Halloween by PassionAndTheCamera
Melted Face by psychicLexa
The Traces We Leave by pullingcandy
Images and Words by MD-Arts

Back at the beginning of the month, we announced the start of our Comment Month for June. We received a good few submissions in our folders here and here, so, for the rest of this month, it's time to get commenting! :eager: by darkmoon3636

7th - 30th June: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.

1st - 7th JulyComment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature. More information on the day.

Please note:

Bullet; Green The aim is to comment as constructively as possible. To really make this a successful month, we encourage you to think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of one word comments or one sentence comments.

Bullet; Green Once you have commented on the piece itself, copy the link to that piece and paste it in a reply to this blog.

Bullet; Green You are free to comment on however many pieces you want!

Bullet; Green If you would like to comment on a lot of deviations, then please put all links together in just one reply.

Bullet; Green If you have a question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Submitted photographs:

For quick and easy access, here are the photographs that were submitted to our folders:

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager: by darkmoon3636

May Round-Up

May was our fifty-ninth Comment Month at CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide  and it went splendidly well! As always, our photographers received many awesome comments from other photographers, united by a common cause! We would not have done it without these guys, so please give some love to our commenters!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Comment Month: May! We have already started our Comment Month: June, so please feel free to comment, comment, comment and spread some love around! Love

The Great DD Round-Up: May 2018

Tue Jun 5, 2018, 3:00 AM
Hello and Welcome!
Welcome to this Feature-series at the home photography, CRPhotography in which all of this month's photography Daily Deviations will be included! 

But what is a Daily Deviation? Allow me to introduce you!
A Daily Deviation is feature which is selected by Community Volunteers (also known as CV's). CV's have their assigned galleries, from which they pick outstanding pieces of work for this special feature. A DD is a special feature any deviant can receive once per 6 months.
Of course, you can also suggest artwork for Daily Deviations to the Community Volunteers. In fact, we encourage you to do so! That way, the CV's might see artwork they might have not seen otherwise, which means your suggestion might make a huge difference in whether the artist gets a DD or not! And if the CV ends up featuring your suggestion, you get a cool tag underneath it, that says it was suggested by you!

For more information about DD's:
What are Daily Deviations and how do I suggest them?
Daily Deviations: Awards or Features?
DDs: Why you should care, but not make them a goal
PE: Commenting on Daily Deviations

Photography Daily Deviations - May 2018

First light by mnzl three_zero_zero by OskarAlfons SU Ruby and Sapphire Cosplay by Sioxanne
The gloomy forest tale by NataliaDrepina Kuroshitsuji: Madam Red by Aster-Hime Sarah by Norrington1
pasteLOVE by AngelikaZbojenska TRINITY BLOOD: Esther Blanchett by MiraMarta Red morning by donlope01
Instant 4338 by SUDOR Pastel fashion by thefirebomb The Drakensberg by carlosthe
Snowflake by bcald7 Queen Elsa by AnastasiaLion Lupus Nox by Onyx-Philomel
I'm over the moon about this fall by SpringfieldShtos Cindy Cosplay by AllyAuer lifeline and a missing piece by bluePartoutSunset by the ocean by Bjorn3009 Walk Wall by Kemulin Rohirrim Warrior - Rohan LOTR Cosplay Middle earth by Carancerth
Chobits cosplay - Chii by AmuChiiBunny Impromptu Dance by UnstoppableDogs Leave me. by snowyblackrose
Tuscany in the fog 3 - 5:32 AM by CitizenFresh Spectral Pool II by D-T-E Li-Ming Cosplay - Heroes of the Storm by SigmaNas
Les Contrees du Reve by Onodrim-Photography Wasp... by DeoIron Ogre princess by LadyArcade
Untitled by Leon13th Smell of Spring.. by JulianRad Karla by RobinBerglund
Tonto and Jack Sparrow by Ururuty Sombra  - Overwatch by FioreSofen A strange night by Mrs-White
Elven Mistress by Dzikan Burning Blues by Sei-Zako Harry Potter - 02 by YukiRichan
Woodpecker by Perseus67 Green Lord by shade-pl the doll box by BIOCITY2
Raven of Ravenclaw by Aquamirral .. by Rizone Since you have been gone by Annie-Bertram
Cachtice Castle by MoonKey19 Sylwia 006 by Araiel Dinner Time by WillTC
Aware by jellyxbat Hidden by DCfotografie Shadowrun cosplay by octokuro
Android RDM 001 by drkshp Excuse Me While I Paint the Sky by alberich Milano by Runfox
Great white pelican in flight by Sergey-Ryzhkov La Catrina by schatten-fuchs Georgiii by BoholmPhotography
Catwoman by MatthewKroner Whitemane by Xero-Cosplay Tansy Blue and Jen Somerfield by Greg Brown 2 by JenSomerfield
Ecstasy by GothicNarcissus Pretty Blue by Hestefotograf Wherever We Want to go, We'll go by hazelgrey-costuming
League of Legends | Star Guardian Janna | Cosplay by KsanaStankevich Osteospermum by Mars-Hill Warkworth Castle by newcastlemale
1099 by miobi MEADOW by MartinAmm Dragon Age Inquisition: Josephine Montilyet 2 by Amapolchen

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 94

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 4, 2018, 3:00 AM

Inhale by AnaDoria
The Silence Is Shaking by caddman
Maysketchaday - 2018 - 20 by RavenseyeTravisLacey
El Halo de la Muerte by vampirekingdom
DNA by VisualStripes
Vinales valley, Cuba by lhebrardrobin
An angry bird - Messerschmitt Me 163B by HamzaLippisch
Mini Oriental Kitties by Ailinn-Lein
Monday Morning by Lyraina
112640 by jodeviant
FireBringer by Summer-Lynx

Voyage to the Uknown: Fan Art

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 3, 2018, 4:00 AM

Mrs-Durden tagged me in this challenge to go on a voyage into the unknown. I've done this once before (Voyage Into The Unknown - Sculptures), and now it's time to do this again!

"The idea is to browse through a category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, and collect some of the art you find stands out! The point of this is to challenge ourselves and discover new art in the process!" - Mrs-Durden

Don't forget to use the tag #thevoyage 

I have chosen Fan Art for my Voyage to the Unknown. 

You can find out more about this project here:  Voyage to the unknown: Master Journal

Snack Psychic by imDRUNKonTEA
Winter Has Come by Anacondrix
Guarding Hogwarts by Eliott-Chacoco
[F] Miku by Nachooz
White night fury by AlviaAlcedo
katara by Eva-Powa
Mr. King Dice!!! by WalkingMelonsAAA
Fire, Wind And Earth (CELLAR DARLING FANART) by CelticBotan
God of Sparkles by AnarchyWulf
Harley Quinn and Bat Girl, Fantasy Fan Art, DC by shibashake
Contested Land by Quarter-Virus
Returning to the Jotunheim by anndr

I am tagging the following people to also take a voyage to the unknown: TanyaSimoneSimpson JustACapharnaum F-Lagerdahl SinistrosePhosphate JenFruzz lemgras330 UszatyArbuz Amarantheans Mouselemur Acerbical Mythiril Queen-Kitty Stygma lucytherescuedcat rainylake StemmyBotanist and everybody else who sees this and feels like exploring some new types of art!

Feedback Month: The Conclusion

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2018, 1:00 AM

Hi all! 
At the beginning of May we announced May is Feedback Month! right here at PhotographyGuide, and we were looking forward to a month of great fun!

Unfortunately, things didn't go as we had planned. 

In the end, participation turned out to be so low, we have decided that this feedback month will be continued at a later time this year. Participation on DeviantArt in general seems low these days, so that's why we have decided on the following:

salmon heart bullet This Feedback Month will be continued at a later time, with all the events we had now included as well. This means that it will once again include Comment Month for both Photography and Artisan Crafts at CRPhotography and CRArtisanCrafts, we will time it with AnimalsPlantsNature's Feedback Frenzy, and of course, the Comment 4 Comment events will be back. If you have suggestions for other feedback events you'd like to have included, please let us know! We would love to hear from you.

salmon heart bullet But what happens to the tokens I have collected? If you have collected tokens, and commented on the original journal before May 31st, these will be stored and still be valid by the next feedback month. That means if you collected three tokens this month (and gotten a confirmation from Yuukon), you will start the next Feedback Month with three tokens already. Obviously, this number is variable, and depending on how many comments you have placed and shared this month.
salmon heart bullet We haven't decided on a month to do this again yet, but we're thinking after summer might be a better time for events such as these. That means it'll probably be back in Autumn.  

salmon heart bullet Of course, we wouldn't have been able to run this Feedback Month without the help of the PhotographyGuide team. I would like to ask you all to send a lot of love to SinistrosePhosphate for resurrecting AC Comment Month just for this occassion, RebeccaMArt for running the Traditional Art Comment 4 Comment, F-Lagerdahl for running the Photography Comment 4 Comment and of course JenFruzz for hosting Feedback Frenzy at AnimalsPlantsNature

Rainbow Heart [Free to use]
We hope to see you again next time!
Yuukon and the rest of the PhotographyGuide team
Rainbow Heart [Free to use]

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Comment Month: June

Fri Jun 1, 2018, 12:00 AM
Alongside our Monthly Photography Critique Thread, we are hosting a Comment Month this June!

Every single one of us deserves at least one insightful comment on our deviations. We have all needed to start somewhere and some just need that extra boost to really get going.

Our timeline is as follows:

1st – 7th June: Members of CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide can suggest one deviation for a chance to receive some comments. This is a chance for any underappreciated artist to get the comments they deserve.

7th - 31st June: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.

1st - 7th July: Comment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature. More information on the day.

Please note:

Bullet; Green Submission is only open to members of CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide, though anyone can give a constructive comment.

Bullet; Green If you are a member of both CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide, please note you can only submit one photograph, and it has to be your own work.

Bullet; Green To really make this a successful month, we encourage you to think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of one word comments or one sentence comments.

Bullet; Green We will keep you up to date with what’s happening, so don’t worry if you’re confused about future events. All will be explained.

Bullet; Green If you have a question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Submissions Open Now!

Starting from today, submissions will be accepted for Comment Month in this folder for CRPhotography members and in this folder for PhotographyGuide members.

Can’t Wait?

Those who cannot wait until the 7th of June to comment can comment on the deviations submitted right now! Just keep a list of the deviations you’ve commented on in link form in a word document somewhere ready for when commenting officially starts!

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager: by darkmoon3636

Feature-Fest Vol. 136: Darkroom

Journal Entry: Thu May 31, 2018, 3:00 AM

*....,,,*** by Wilqkuku
The Serpents Teeth by Inextremiss
Botany Bay Road - print by rdungan1918
MWEISS vs  DEHA collaboration by MWeiss-Art
Bird Flight by aglezerman
botanical by snusmumrikenn
Code by vtakac
Molesting the earth by mimadeo
Rough Side of Town by pubculture
Let The Happiness In by Pecuchet
Drink me by Idraemir
Wroclaw city view pinhole by Teironius

Colour Me Critters Vol. 09: Dark Blue

Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2018, 3:00 AM

This feature is part of 

Let's Never Stop Falling In Love - oil painting by borda
Gone Fishing by organicvision
Drifting lives by perodog
Galaxy Bee by camilladerrico
Spring Blue by Tuonenkalla
Betta - blue and yellow spade by FamiliarOddlings
Qilin by Klang17
Winter Moon by windfalcon
The Midnight Eagle Owl by Ravenari
a tree swallow by Nipntuck3
Hunting Grounds of the Dead by GeistVIRUS
Red-spotted Purple Butterfly by KiwiTribe

The next colour will be  Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple PURPLE Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple  
Got suggestions? Share them below!
PS: Please share from other artists instead of your own gallery!

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 93

Journal Entry: Mon May 28, 2018, 3:00 AM

Aldrich RoF by OneMinuteSketch
Mother Menace by TigerHunting
Nimble observer. by Phototubby
Roma by SnezhanaMorozova
Journey to the end by Julieoftheworldtree
Snowy Alps by DominikaAniola
3d Cherries by sofiafarhan
town by marrciano
Doubts by RickB500
Magnolia Dream by Wolfskuss
Anna by korona-pl
Living Water (Colour) by S-Angus

Your Personal Best of 2018 (so far)

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2018, 1:01 AM

About a week ago, I asked you all to share the work you think is your best, that you have created in 2018 through a poll. I got several responses, and I wanted to make sure everybody could see what you are proud of! What I love so much about these is that there are works of all disciplines and levels in this array, and they are all awesome, because you are proud of them! 

//Cheesy waifu intensifies// asdfdadhgh {gift} by litatokun
Lothlorien Leaf Badge by Morinoska
Twilit walk by aceAlari
Violet Princess by Icy-HeartProductions
Smuggler and her farmboy by SapphireAngelBunny
Kelly006 by ov3

Nier: Automata (wip) by ukenni
Prompt #19 - Dance by Stygma
Lonely Mountains by 7anbuKakashi
Toyosatomimi no Miko from Touhou Project by sharpenpalarie
.:Rescue RainbowKitty: Acknowledged:. by Yoshifan1219
Overlooked by Serial-Painter
Snowflakes on Moss by Vault-Of-hEvans
Personal: Spotted by IndianaMagic
Make a wish [Art trade] by Shesvii
Laser Fusion by GeaAusten
Wishing Machine by SophieSuncatcher
Ghost Shadows by TrainTruck73
FoggyBulb by UtkarshPatel13
Doctor's caricature by SkullsAndBrains
Peach Tree by PassionAndTheCamera
Earthbound Stars by TanyaSimoneSimpson
[IMG 2866a] by xLaurx
Flying Flower - Complete by CatSpaceDesign
Harmony by oceansigh
003 - Eirwen by RebeccaMArt
Aeshna isoceles - Hovering by VisualStripes
Peek-a-boo by Poppies-CO
My Pokemon Team by Mousy-Mallow
Stuck in a Snow Globe by Revelery
character full body png (complete) by Eggnatie
Ancient Memories by GreenTeaMelody
Lynx Painting by Songstream

Bisexual Pride by Livy-the-Unicorn
Drama Babbs by robert-kim-karen

I hope you enjoyed all of these as much as I did! Don't forget to click on them and view them full-size, and to give them a big favourite and some love.

Feature-Fest Vol. 135: Cityscapes and Skylines

Journal Entry: Thu May 24, 2018, 3:00 AM

Auckland Nightscape by TarJakArt
Antequera by JuanChaves
KRONACH by MartinAmm
Golden Hour in Prague by vitriel
Sodermalm by cosmicwind
Untitled by Placi1
From Rialto Bridge, Venice by Real-Neil
Night in Vernazza by Alis86
.. by Rizone
sky above Skopje by BobRock99
Moon tower by Dybcio
Edinburgh Skyline 2 by MikeHeard

Comment 4 Comment: Artisan Crafts

Journal Entry: Thu May 24, 2018, 12:00 AM

Welcome to Comment 4 Comment during the Feedback Month at PhotographyGuide!

Comment 4 Comment is a simple, yet fun game to give and receive some comments! 

How it works:

Bullet; Yellow You pick one craft from your gallery and post a thumb in the comments below
Bullet; Yellow Check out other people's submissions in the comments! Are you first? Check back later!
Bullet; Yellow You can comment on as many pieces as you want, as long as the comments are constructive.


Bullet; Yellow Make sure you comment on the deviation, not on the journal here.
Bullet; Yellow It is okay to leave comments without submitting art, but submitting art and not leaving comments is not okay!    

Now, get ready for some commenting! 

Remember, any comment you write for this event will be eligible for a token. Make sure to share the comments you've written in the comments of the announcement journal!

Have fun! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
Questions? Just ask!

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Wild Wednesday Vol. 03

Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2018, 3:00 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature.

- Paulo Coelho

Colorado landscapes pt. III by TheChosenPesssimist
Elven Forest by JoniNiemela Storm by streamweb
The creeping land by LordLJCornellPhotos Walk Away by DavidMnr
The reflection of the Kirkjufell by LinsenSchuss
Lost World by MaximeDaviron desolation by ntmalas
plate by MarcosRodriguez Daisy by Akxiv
Smells goooood... by JulianRad
Hunter by TanyaSimoneSimpson Common crane by BogdanBoev
Kisses from mum by Wolfskuss Spring at the Pond by NicoFroehberg
Safir by Hestefotograf
Snow everywhere by phalalcrocorax I'm Walking by TobiasRoetsch
Like white wolf by KristynaKvapilova Vigilant by paschlewwer

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 92

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2018, 3:00 AM

Messengers of twilight by NataliaDrepina
Cryptid-Creations: Barn Owl Cactus sculpture  by AClockworkKitten
Indian Pitta - Paper cut birds by NVillustration
Aleph by artigianodellaluce
Anderswelt by Mocris
Sana by Kureenbean
Felvarg: Daring Feets by Aminirus
A Fey in Need by Herboreal
Anna by xxbone
+ La Reina + by vampirekingdom
Anemone + speedpaint by MilanaMill
misty walk by MateuszPisarski

Feature-Fest Vol. 134: Weather and Sky

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2018, 3:00 AM

Thunderstorm by Pajunen
Dancing Northern Lights by Dave-Derbis
Become who you are by RDores
Tuddal Aurora by ajonsaas
102 - Before the rain by CarlaSophia
... by Arte22
Cloudy Sunset by peterjdejesus
Silhoettes by MEP-Photography
The bridge hardly shows by KariLiimatainen
Aiming the wrong way by gigi50
Lightspot through the clouds by UdoChristmann
Second Impression - Evening Skies XXIV by TheDrawnDen93

Colour Me Critters Vol. 08: Turquoise

Journal Entry: Wed May 16, 2018, 3:00 AM

This feature is part of 

I Await a Guardian [Harry Potter] by veeveeyan
Ice dragon by AlviaAlcedo
Cute look by Thunderi
Frog on turquoise perspex by AngiWallace
Cissa chinensis - Common_green_magpie by Maria-Schreuders
Toneless Deep by AuldBlue
Small Reptile by Disse86
Kingfisher drawing by Kot-Filemon
Turquoise eyed by UszatyArbuz
turquoise animal by AdelkaWalka
Turquoise by wolf-minori
Tiny Inklings - Suspicious hare by Gnulia

The next colour will be  Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! DARK BLUE Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! 
Got suggestions? Share them below!
PS: Please share from other artists instead of your own gallery!